Over the years, diverse high profile names have used mega-yachts or super-yacht as a simple means of exercising a cosy vacation or an avenue for engaging in business conversations that requires privacy. This act of combining such privacy and leisure has redefined the market demands for accessing luxury yachts on charter in the occasion of tranquillity demand.
Nevertheless, its demand on accessibility has even become more a key factor in determining the relevance of online charter platforms, where potential buyers can seek and find the right services they need; and where luxury yachts business owners or private individuals can showcase their marine product for charter to potential clients as well.
This demand gave rise to the Shipandocean.com’s platform. A platform that provides a classified ad service where users can search, find and get access to luxury yachts for charter various nautical vacation in Europe, US, USA and Mediterranean destinations. It provides prospective users an online place with foremost information on finding and accessing luxury yachts for charter which has been provided by businesses or private yacht owners who have had their products listed.
By way of providing the needed visibility users (buyers) can now search for, as well as connect with potential luxury yachts owners for charter. Whatever the needs on yacht chartering a prospective user wants, the Shipandocean.com platform provides an embedded search tool that provides a quick way to use the on the site to find yacht type or sub-type for their ideal yachting vacation.
Chartering luxury yachts can be accessed by this simple solution:
As a business or private seller you can:
  • List your luxury yachts for charter with images of the merchandise.
  • Update, move your ad to Top position to get maximum efficiency from selling
  • Calls and messages only from real people, because we require every user to register.

As a prospect client you can:

  • Find and rent from a large database of luxury yachts for your vacation or pleasure voyage.