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56′ Rivale Luxury Yachts

Riva always challenges the notion of what is “state of the art” in yachting. The 56’ Rivale is the newest star to shine in the galaxy of legendary Rivas. Perfect for those who love spending their holiday on the sea and those who enjoy unforgettable day cruises, the 56’ Rivale is unrivaled, gliding triumphantly through the shipyard’s 175-year-old history. Full of charm, power and technology, it immediately conveys elegance and sport. The sleek, glazed windows run seamlessly across the hull with flush portholes, enabling those on board to feel truly part of the sea, and the bold metallic of the exterior is joined with sleek steel elements and teak detailing A further touch of style that distinguishes the Rivale: the unique windshield protecting the helm, a true blend of engineering and design resulting in a stunning aerodynamic profile. Official Italian Design joined forces with Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee and Engineering Department, to create the completely new hull of the Riva’s 56’ Rivale. The utmost attention to detail is classically Riva, using the finest materials, distinctive hallmarks of the brand throughout its history: from the high gloss mahogany of the interiors to the natural teak of the exteriors, from lacquered finishes to stainless steel details, and from mirrored and glazed surfaces to superior leathers, the legacy of all the stars that make up the universe of Riva is reflected in the new Rivale.

Technical Specifications


Preliminary dataMAN V8-1000
2 cab + 1 crew
LOA17,27 [m] – 56 ft 7 in
LH17,16 [m] – 56 ft 3 in
LWL13,99 [m] – 45 ft 10 in
Max beam4,74 [m] – 15 ft 6 in
Draft1,45 [m] – 4 ft 9 in
Unladen displacement27.000 [kg] – 59,524 [lbs]
Laden displacement31.000 [kg] – 68,343 [lbs]
Fuel2.700 [l] – 713 [US gal]
Water400 [l] – 106 [US gal]
People on board10
EngineMAN V8-1000
Engine HP1000
Max speed35 [kn]
Cruise speed31 [kn]
Range260 [nm]
Crew cabins1 std
Bathrooms in crew quarter1

Source: Riva Yachts